Monday, July 16, 2007

Starbucks vs. McDonalds

Found on the Princeton University website.

This one shows the accelerating takeover of the world by Starbucks and how quickly they are catching up to the reigning king of the hill, McDonalds. It's a few years old (2003) so let's see how they've done since then...

Starbucks: 6,200 locations in 2003. 11,225 in 2007. Almost double!!!

McDonalds: "Over 31,000" in 2003. Still 31,000 in 2007. No growth for McDonalds!

Do you want coffee with that?

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  1. When Howard Schultz, the Founder and Chairman of Starbucks, said a few words during the Steve Jobs iPod keynote on September 5, 2007, he mentioned that they were now over 14,000 locations.