Thursday, April 2, 2009

Build Your Own Infographic World Map

Why is another world popoulation map website Cool?  Because on GunnMap, by Gunn Interactive, you can load your own data.   There are a few example data sets preloaded like population, GDP growth, military spending and birth rate, but the best part is that you can paste in your own data to create a custom world map.

Here's a quick demo video from Arthur Gunn on how to use the site by pasting in data from the CIA website to create a new map:

GunnMap demo from Arthur Gunn on Vimeo.

Thanks Paul for the link!


  1. I love things like this. There's also another one which you can customize - - although this one looks a good deal sharper...

  2. Does anyone know where I can find one of the America's 50 states that I can load in my own data?

  3. Hi Randy,
    You can do that with manyeyes.

  4. Too bad it creates bad maps. The eye naturally integrates areas, so you cannot decorate a choropleth with per capita colors. The symbology must be per capita per area, otherwise the result is (subconsciously) misleading.

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