Friday, October 10, 2008

Savings Mis-Trust video

Our friends over at XPLANE have done a fabulous video explaining what led up to the recent credit crisis in the U.S. economy.  A great job simplifying a complex problem.

Thanks Parker, and great job to your team!


  1. I have to disagree with you about this video. While it makes an effort to clarify how we got into this mess, it fails to leave the viewer with a better understanding of the situation.

    There are two things wrong with the video. First, much of the narration uses financial lingo (securities, assets, foreclosures, investment banks). Instead of clarifying the situation, this lingo leaves the uninitiated in the dark. The narration needs to use much more common language that individuals can relate to.

    Second, the video lacks central characters whose situation drives the story. It goes away from Jill and Joe Homebuyer too quickly and doesn't tell us the story from their perspective. The narrative needs to be driven by their concerns, their experience, their language.

    Ultimately, the video needs to make the connection between Main Street (where I buy stuff) and Wall Street (where money magic happens that I don't understand).

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