Monday, July 20, 2009

The American Dream/Nightmare

I really like this one from  It's pretty simple (it's a 3D column chart), but it get's it's point across well.  The accumulated debt for the average American continues to outpace their annual income.  The concept of living beneath your means is foreign to a lot of people.

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  1. The mortgage graphic alone is enough for me to ignore this graphic. So, what you're saying is that people should rent until they can afford to buy a house outright? Newsflash, if you have decent credit and can get an average loan, often it is cheaper to buy than to rent, since the interest on a mortgage is tax deductible.

  2. The graphic skill is good.
    Can't say I understand the marriage portion. Is that added debt from the wedding cost? Or is it increased credit card debt from having a non-employed spouse? Is it the partner's accumulated life debt now merged into one debt load (probably)?
    My point is - this merge is a dramatic point in the graphic story but seems lost in this particular depiction.

    Nice blogging.