Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Upgrade Chart

In contrast here's my version of the Mac OS X Snow Leopard upgrade chart.  The comparison to the Mac was inevitable, and I couldn't find that anyone else had created this chart yet.

The $169 price for users that don't have Leopard also include iLife and iWork.


  1. If Microsoft were to have to be ashamed of anything, it's having multiple versions of their OS in the first place; Which, absolutely, is frustrating beyond belief and is the root cause of having such confusing (well, to some - we're not all techies) charts.

    Although I agree that the first chart is overkill on information, you could otherwise argue that the ZD Net created version might have a user look on the left for their current product, spot e.g. the Home Premium version, and realize they can do an in-place upgrade. Case closed. But, oops, that's not true because they're running a 32bit Vista Home Premium and were hoping to upgrade to a 64bit Seven Home Premium; they have to look completely elsewhere in the chart to figure that out.
    Also.. what happened to Vista Starter in that chart?

    But getting back to chart cleanliness in general - well, OS X is OS X.. there's no multiple editions, therefore the upgrade chart does become a lot simpler. I suspect it could be even simpler if Apple were to allow upgrades from -any- previous OS X version for a single price. Shouldn't Apple be ashamed of charging $169 for older version upgrades? I realize the upgrade would include iLife and iWork, but those should be separately offered to keep the upgrade price down in the first place; perhaps to a single $49 charge.. that would reduce your chart to a single row.

  2. The upgrade chart is missing a line for the PPC.
    "From PPC" upgrade line should read "I can't do that Dave."

    I have both PPC and Intel Macs, and I am not amused.

  3. I figure I do a clean install every year or two anyway so when windows 7 debuts I'm planning on buying a new 1TB hard drive and installing on a clean drive.

  4. Thanks Stephen. The only issue I have with that chart is that it leaves off the prices. But you're right, there are other ones out there.

    cjensen, The chart should include that PPC Macs have a dead end with OS X Leopard 10.5.