Monday, August 10, 2009

What is Your Wine Personality?

From the Texas Department of Agriculture at, the Wine Personality Wheel comes from the Texas in a Bottle guide to Texas Wine (download as a pdf).  I love the sense of humor.
Ever listen to somebody describe a wine?  They talk about it having "character" and "personality."  To hear them tell it, wines are a lot like people.  We've talked it over and came to a conclusion - they have it backwards.  People are a lot like wines.
Here at the Viticultural Personality Institute, we've compiled a fun list of personality types based on wine preferences.
If your favorite wine listed here does not accurately reflect your particular personality, please choose another favorite wine (or change your personality - otherwise, you'll make our researchers look bad).

Looking around the site, I also found a good, animated timeline (link) of the history of wine in Texas.

Eight federally approved Viticultural Areas currently exist in Texas. Eighty-five percent of wine from a Viticultural Area must be made from grapes grown within the area's boundaries. If the wine is a varietal, 75 percent of that wine must be made from the designated grape variety.


  1. My personality according to the wine wheel: "You know who you
    are–the toast of the town.
    Youʼre boisterous–make that
    joyous–and you light up a
    room just by walking into it.
    Your motto? Life is too short
    to be a wallflower. Of course,
    thereʼs no danger of that
    happening to you."

    Spot on!!

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