Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Browser Wars Infographic

Great timeline infographic depicting the rise and fall of different browsers portrayed as knights marching across a field.  The data set used is available here.

It took me a while to find any information about the author, but I found this description on the blog.
Here's a creative look at the history of the browser wars from 2002 through mid-2008. The infographic was submitted to Reddit by a user named BovingdonBug. He says he created it as part of an application for a graphic design job on a newspaper.
 Thanks Alwyn for the link!


  1. Where's Google Chrome?

  2. I like the flag concept and the fallen soldiers. I've looked at a lot of infographics lately, this one had an interesting subject and was easy to understand. The data used in this graphic is from when Chrome was still in beta; if I did this graphic, I wouldn't include it either.