Sunday, March 2, 2008

What if...

Craig Robinson, from, has created a graphic showing many of the different paths/branches his life could have taken. Clicking on each character icon reveals text describing the event or deviation from actual events.
Who hasn't at one time or another wondered how their life could've gone in other directions if different events had occurred or different choices been made? These are the ways my life could've deviated from its actual path (the top row).
" Craig dies at the age of 34, killed by an angry swan" I found incredibly funny.

Found on NiXLOG.

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  1. I love this...
    A lot of the solutions we are being asked for from gov't and commercial clients are all "what-if" based.
    People want to know the current situation ("so get all that data and present it to me in some intuitive report") but also how the situation would differ due to changing simple variables.
    It seems almost too logical. I mean, who doesn't ask themselves "What-If" questions everyday?!?!