Monday, July 21, 2008

When are you at risk online?

From the Mozilla website, and obviously a part of their sales pitch.  I picked up that the calendar arrangement of the squares is in fact correct for 2006.  Its getting the small things right that help make good infographics.

An independent study shows that, in 2006, IE users were vulnerable to online threats 78% of the time. Firefox users? Only 2%.

“At risk” defined as publicly available exploits with no patch. Source: “Internet Explorer users Unsafe for 284 Days in 2006” Brian Krebs, Washington Post, 1/4/2007


  1. Being a Firefox user myself, I'm not surprised at all, in fact I've uninstalled my IE back home... It would be interesting though to have the data for both the current version of the IE, patched and what have you, against Firefox and Safari. Also, I'd love to have that visualized for the old IE6. That one was pretty robust wasn't it?

  2. Whew! I'm glad I waited until January 10, 1996 before I installed Firefox!

  3. ... I mean 2006. Darnit, I bungled my joke.

  4. Nice idea! :-) It's impressive to adapt visualisation to the background information/scenario.

  5. Pretty lame...
    Of course the hackers use their energy on the browser with the most users (potential victims).
    As the number of firefox users rise, the more time criminals will use on finding exploits.
    The only reason it was so safe is because there was so few users, that nobody could be bothered with it.
    It's a only a question of time...
    trust me...

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