Monday, March 2, 2009

Taking the Train

It's not a complicated one, but I like Good Magazine's summary of the biggest train systems in the world (top 5 U.S. cities and top 5 foreign cities).  The silhouettes represent the daily rides in the city, and the length of the train shows how many miles that system covers.  To the right is a quick map of each city's subway system and some statistics about their subway system.

Thanks Li, for sending in the link!

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  1. hi,

    [i dunno what happened with my first comment, but i just wanted to say that]

    this chart looks promising (carrying comparison information with a fun look), but the data is false.

    - usually they calculate line(~=2 tracks) length, but in NYC-s case its single track length. New York subway is impressive, yes, but it's about half the size pictured, and not the biggest network.

    - if they show Top 5 (instead of 5 really big) then at least London is really missing.