Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Price of Gasoline

This image was real popular on this week. It's hosted on, but there's no author listed.

I love simple infographics like this that use a visual metaphor to instantly get the point across. You can tell someone that the price of gas is comparable with Coke, but putting gas in the Coke signature bottle will get more people to understand the message.

My own reaction was probably the opposite of what the author intended. My first thought is "Coke costs how much?!?" I know there is a lot more expense in producing gasoline than there is in producing Coke. They must really be marking the price up a lot for brown sugar-water.

There is a similar analogy in the U.S. regarding bottled water. Some bottled water brands are now more expensive than gasoline! How is that possible?!?

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  1. Tricky to explain but I see it like this... how expensive is a Coca-cola considering you can't do with it as much as you could with a litter of fuel.