Sunday, October 26, 2008

Does Your Vote Matter? YES!

Sticking with the stuff from GOOD magazine, this is one of the GOOD Sheets available for sale as a poster at Starbucks for a limited time.  I've been looking for some good election related graphics.  There are a ton out there, but I'm looking for the gems.

I hear all the time that people don't think their vote matters, and in some cases it may get lost in an election that isn't close or competitive.  However, you never actually know if a race is going to be close or not (unless there is only one candidate).

In some of our local elections, I've seen some decisions put up to vote that won by only 12 votes!

I'm not pushing any specific politcal opinion, just that everyone should get out and vote.  Early voting is already open in many areas, so do your part and be heard!


  1. great infographic...which is what this site is about. BUT, I have to disagree with the "your vote counts" commentary. In local elections perhaps. However, when it comes to the electoral college, it pretty much guarantees your vote makes no difference in the presidential election. Don't believe me? Ask Al Gore, who actually WON the popular vote but was not our president. Even better still, ask the state of Hawaii, where the vote is usually decided by the time their polling places open. OR ask all the democratic voters in a state like Idaho or Wyoming. No chance of your vote counting there. I'm sorry, but until the system is changed. Your vote DOESN'T count.

  2. I agree with the commenter to some extent. Sorry if my post wasn't clear, but there are many political races that aren't even close so your individual vote may get lost.

    The issue is that you can't tell if a race is close or not, and there are many more elections going on than just the presidential one. I voted in 31 political races on my ballot today.

  3. Hey Randy, I like all of it. I hope you can keep this up. I intend to visit for inspiration whenever I get stuck on something (which is fairly often). See what I mean at

    Hang in there dood!