Monday, May 4, 2009

50 Cars or 1 Bus? Infographic Advertising!

Great visual ad by Flygbussarna in Sweden!  Combining a physical construction of a bus made out of cars on the side of the road, a live webcam, and live infographic information on the website!
Every day thousands of cars are driven to and from Swedish airports. Every car holds only 1,2 persons on average which is to be compared with the Airport Coach that takes over 50. Needless to say, this makes no sense whatsoever from an environmental standpoint. To highlight this, an enormous bus was built out of 50 cars on the side of the highway to the airport. On the website, a live camera not only shows the installation 24/7 but also analyses the image and tracks each and every car going by. This data is then being used to highlight just how much emission we could save just by going by bus instead.
 Thanks to @yplim on Twitter!

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  1. Ok, but this a little misleading. Did you notice how they say that the AVERAGE car trip carries 1.2 people but a bus can carry UP TO 50 people? How many people are in a bus during a bus trip on average? I am sure busses are still way more efficient, but why mislead?