Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How Long Will It Last?

Good infographic from the New Scientist showing how many years we have left of our key natural resources.  Essentially these are basic bar and pie charts, but dressed up to make the overall graphic more compelling.  The message is still clear though, and the author gets his point across very strongly.

This comes from a 2007 article in the New Scientist called "Earth's Natural Wealth: an Audit" that include two more infographics as well.  The first is a map of where in the world are these natural resources are.

The next is a bubble graphic showing the scale of how much of each resource an average American will consume during their lifetime.

The Source listed on the first infographic: Armin Reller, University of Augsburg, Tom Graedel, Yale University

Found on and numerous Twitter references.  Thanks Nathan.


  1. Love the first infographic on the list, and love the site! you are totally on my feed now. Who knew someone would make an entire site about infographics? I used you as a resource for my own infograpghics list, I might even have a couple that you don't have. Doubtful but maybe. take a look if you like link