Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Car HUD from the future

From the January 2008 (16.01)Wired Magazine; Artifacts from the Future, by Chris Baker. This future automobile HUD has some really cool features like a DUI driver identified ahead, in-car video chat, live GPS map with directions and a coupon for the Starbucks at the next exit. He's doing 90MPH, eating an energy bar and he's in the slow lane! For California, there definitely aren't enough cars on the road!

Looks a lot like a bunch of widgets on the desktop of your PC. It definitely seems too cluttered, but I think it was necessary to fit it on a narrow magazine page. I love that it seems to use a multiple-blink interface. Check out the calendar appointment in the top left: "...blink 3 times to reschedule."

If only this future were closer. I'm a real fan of car HUD interfaces. It's one of those promised technologies that still haven't become reality.


  1. Beyond the clutter, I'm terrified at the box in the center of the display. First, a HUD should consider real estate to precious, and should never waste valuable space just to show you the name of the windshield.

    More important, though, is the message in the box: "Recommend Upgrading to OS 2.7 Look at Target and Blink Rapidly to Install" That kind of alert is much better suited to display when you start or stop the engine, rather than while driving.

    Worse yet is the thought of upgrading the software in your car *while driving*! The only thing more frightening would the same feature on an airplane.

    On a side note, even with all this high tech gadgetry in the car, which advertisers such as Starbucks can clearly use to their advantage (bad idea on its own), there are still roadside billboards. How quaint.

  2. HUDs are already in cars, i can remember seeing one in a car in 98'. google it and see.